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Whakarongo mai - listen in! Each month founder Ian 'Harv' Harvey roams across Aotearoa-NZ chatting to the change-makers that make up the Collective Intelligence people-ecosystem. Sitting down together in living rooms, boardrooms and workplaces, Harv's interviews with these epic humans are raw, real and uncut - as they explore the stuff that REALLY matters now. 

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Jul 29, 2020

From a tough, black-shirt-wearing kid growing up in Masterton, to an accomplished CEO of a successful tech company operating on the world stage, the life of Dave Blackwell is a fascinating journey. His courage in sharing a little-known part of his life as an addict, and his exploration of it in this episode is truly admirable. I feel very privileged to have been a part of this conversation.

Dave notes that the 12 Step Working Guide he refers to is worth a look, but cautions anyone attempting to find their own way through it without professional help. If listening to his story sparks a personal awakening and/or queries on how to get started for your own situation, Dave is happy to chat. Just send us an email and we’ll pass it on to him. 

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