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Whakarongo mai - listen in! Each month founder Ian 'Harv' Harvey roams across Aotearoa-NZ chatting to the change-makers that make up the Collective Intelligence people-ecosystem. Sitting down together in living rooms, boardrooms and workplaces, Harv's interviews with these epic humans are raw, real and uncut - as they explore the stuff that REALLY matters now. 

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Apr 10, 2024

Five years ago, I reached out to Rod Oram to request a podcast interview. I didn’t know him, nor he me. I didn’t expect an affirmative answer from a man who I had often read, or listened to, on different media channels. However, if I knew a little about this gentle man I would have known the answer was always going to be yes. He was incredibly generous with his time; I was to learn.

It was January 2019 when I first met him in Auckland to sit down for the recording, feeling very nervous and in awe of the legend that was Rod. That didn’t last long as we launched into the interview, where I was struck by the depth of knowledge he had on any number of topics.

We continued this every year since at the beginning of each year, referring to them as Rod’s state of the nation address. They became less formal as I became more relaxed in his presence. The Edmund Hillary Fellowship events were also a place where we would meet at intervening occasions.

On March 13th I sat down with Rod Oram at his home for the last time. It was always special to have his full attention, so thankfully I was always appreciative of these moments. What was so poignant with this interview was the ever-hopeful Rod was feeling frustrated with the major steps backwards in environmental government policies. At the end his shoulders were slumped, and I gave him a hug. I’m going to miss my annual pilgrimage to chat with him immensely.

Here’s my favourite quote from a previous podcast I did with Rod in relation to caring for the planet: “We won’t do enough until we care enough, and we won’t care enough until we rediscover our love of Nature”.

At his memorial service I learnt a little more of his life. One of these was that he had a strong Christian belief, and so it was rather fitting the service was at the magnificent Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell.

Go well Rod Oram.

I hope this podcast does you justice.

- Ian (Harv) Harvey

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